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Things to do with the Aquilaan Empire <3


Various versions of my coat of arms. Thanks to all those who made them :D

My arms #2 by SoaringAvenSoaringAven Coat of Arms by Aib-AlexArms of SoaringAven by Fenn-O-maniC
Made by me :3 ------ by Aib-Alex ------ by Fenn-O-maniC




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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Czech Republic
Thanks for the ID pic :iconfinnishecosocialist:
:iconfenn-o-manic: My sensei ;)

Já volím
I'll be voting for



dA logo stamp by Daemon-MoerorisCzech Republic Stamp by l8European stamp by veryangelicSTAMP: Glasses by EmotikonzVirgo by Skylark-93British English (United Kingdom) by PixelDevianArtMonarchist by HafrStampsDaily... by prosaixi dont smoke by sergbelDon't Drink stamp by RichiHartI suck at maths by prosaixPro-Gun Control by Haters-Gonna-Hate-MeBlasphemy 2 by deadrabbit13

Czech language level NATIVE by LarrySFXBT EN Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-designStamp: German Language Beginner by MafiaVamp


Commission Stamp by Lesya7Czech Community by czechkofola stamp by MextraBohemia Stamp Fail by SoaringAvenWOT Stamp by AdmiralSerenityEurovision :stamp: by AmblygonCommission: Aven Stamp by Lesya7Flashing Kiba Inuzuka Stamp by FANGIE-CHANAustrian History Stamp by CheetaaaaaI love Europe by Tea-StrawberryComment Stalker Stamp by Drick96SilverfanNumberONE .:PROUD TO BE SUGARBUTT:. stamp by SilverfanNumberONEStamp: Germanophobia by Riza-IzumiThe Difference Is Clear by Mintaka-TKHabsburg-Monarchie by Kristo1594Boycott Qatar stamp by DaneOfScandinavyCrimea is Ukraine by ND-StampsUkraine is Europe by ND-StampsFox Stamp by AutumnxxBorder Collie Love Stamp by cloudratABBA stamp by Numbuh9Shania Twain Fan [Commissioned] by MiaMelodeyIt's About Time People Realized... by ToriKrossHomophobe by Tae-RaiNuclear Power Stamp by SotkettuI Have A Dirty Mind by parliamentFunkThe Early Stamp by BusirisNote me stamp by JoyfoolNet Neutrality stamp by SoaringAvenI Support Israel by LulieStudying Stamp by Kezzi-RoseFranco-Albion Stamp by EddieKenzWindows 7 by TantawiSteam Stamp by Jokester7625Crimean Tatar - Ukrainian friendship stamp by Kagome-InuyashkinaKazakh flag by Kagome-InuyashkinaCzech German Brotherhood by Kristo1594Czech Ukrainian Brotherhood by Kristo1594St.Edward's Crown by HafrStampsCzech Republic x Israel stamp by Kagome-InuyashkinaFact or Fiction by FluffyFerret97Stop Ivory Poaching Stamp by HandsOffMyChocolateF****************k by RebiValeskaMischief Managed by DoctorFluffyAlternate History by delanoHouse Stark Stamp by asphycsiaWishful Thinking by whispwillNot everyone is from the same country - stamp by Angi-ShyCzechSlov Support Stamp by ChokorettoMilkuAPH: Czech Republic as Female | ver.II by StampillaDiChocolatCzech Rainbow Flag Stamp by engineerJRAPH: Slovakia x Czech Republic Stamp by StampillaDiChocolatLuxCzech - Switch Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingLearn some grammar by TehMaster001:thumb273054730:Autism isn't an insult by GuinnygirlInternet Censorship, Anyone? by Mintaka-TKYanno, Those Guys That Are Left-Wing by Mintaka-TKLegalize Marijuana by MarijuanaBearPro-Choice =/= Anti-Life by OurHandOfSorrow:thumb203999701:Dreamworks Jack + Snowball + Smirk Stamp by TwilightProwlerThe Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway- Stamp by maybelleteaDreamworks Older Hiccup + Toothless Fall Stamp by TwilightProwlerRuthless Rulers stamp by Wildwishkitty

Flag Counter
I tagged myself from :icondokudoki: :XD:

I'll tell you ten things about myself, answer the questions and then add some of my own. Those who I tag should then do the same plox ;) No pressure though :XD:

Let's go!

Ten facts about myself:
1. I have a Renault Scenic 1999
2. I wear a ring with initials that comes from mum's side of the family. No idea who's initials they are.
3. There's a 99% chance I'll hate country music sung by a male (especially with an Texas twang accent)
4. Today I bought ten steaming hot, freshly made kaiser buns. They were yummy.
5. Today I watched the film "Jak vytrhnout vlerybě stoličku" aka "How to pull out a wale's molar". Sounds horrid but it's a nice comedy ;) 
6. I used to sing in a choir. Then my voice broke. Now I try not to sing when anybody is around to hear :XD:
7. When I lived in the UK, I had to wear a uniform. I HATED it. As much as I dislike the Czech school system, at least we don't have to wear effing shirts, black trousers, etc. -_-
8. I have a Neuschwanstein keyring and mouse pad.
9. I'd love to visit Israel, Iceland, Japan, Canada and Bir Tawil 
10. Most of you know this but I support the Habsburgs for the Czech throne. 

Answered questions:

1. The first thing you think about when I say "planet"?
Um . . . Earth . . . I guess? o_O
2. What's your opinion about wicker baskets?
They're cool for decoration but I'd rather use a bad for transporting stuff . . . unless the stuff is a picnic :3 
3. Do you look at tissue after you sniff?
Yes because I often get nose bleeds when I have a cold :P
4. Your favourite pizza topping?
Pizza Al Tonno :333 TUNAAA! >x< 
5. Title of last book or fanfiction you read.
Žáby v bouři - Frogs in a storm
6. What's your favourite small bird and why is it blue tit?
Parus major .3. U used to have a poster with birds above my bed and the only bird I can remember is "parus major" XD At least it's in Latin?
7. Rozumieš tomuto?
Jasan XD Ale bohuzel je tu i generace ktera nerozumi a to je dost smutne <:C
8. Did you ever wear a gas mask?
9. Dare: watch "how to milk a cow" tutorial!
I've milked a cow before o_O Nothing new. What IS however interesting is what happens when you Googl "how to milk a cow". You get this:
9f711ba0d7cacf64f4a9a7e7de9bd6d0 by SoaringAven

10. Which side of the chicken has the most feathers?

*takes scissors and shaves left side of chicken* The right side ^w^

I tag:

My usual "crew" of "tagees" :XD:
Ienkoron Fenn-O-maniC Nanbandesu Yuniegard ( < she should draw and post more >:C ) Cheetaaaaa and EternalInsanity787 

My questions:
1. Are you a morning bird or a night owl?
2. Do you like socializing/small talk? 
3. I can't conceal it, don't you see, can't feel it? Don't you too? (finish lyrics)
4. Do you have a turn on? 
5. What was the first job you wanted to do when you were a kid? (I couldn't choose between a president and dustman :XD: )
6. *gives you a yacht* Name it and what would you want the home harbor to be?
7. Do you like anime? :3 If yes, which is your favourite/most recent. If not, you're a sour old sod and tell me your favourite film.
8. Are there any embarrassing childhood memories you'd rather forget?
9. Do you know any Harry Potter magic or incantations? *BOMBARDA MAXIMA!*
10. Draw a very quick sketch of yourself with your weapon of choice! (Here's mine: )

Untitled by SoaringAven

What country do you view as the biggest threat to global peace? (I used countries from this map

17 deviants said USA
14 deviants said Russia
9 deviants said Other (comment) or Somalia ;)
2 deviants said Iran
2 deviants said N. Korea
1 deviant said Israel
1 deviant said China
1 deviant said Pakistan
1 deviant said Syria
No deviants said Afghanistan


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